It is our goal to build strong, safe, confident swimmers.

All lessons are private, one-on-one sessions allowing us to create a personalized program for each child.  

Beginner Lessons

Lessons                    $80 weekly  
Monday - Thursday


This course is required of all new students 6 months and older. 

  • Students must attend everyday (Monday - Thursday) until they have successfully completed the clothes check.  Approx. 6 weeks

  • Lessons are 10-15 minutes

  • One-on-one with instructor

  • Students 3 years or younger must wear a reusable swim diaper unless fully potty trained.

Maintenance Lessons

Lessons           $20 per lesson

It is important to maintain and build upon the new skills your child has just learned. Maintenance lessons are ongoing lessons offered to students who have completed the beginners course.

  • Recommended 2-3 times a week.

  • 10-15 minute lessons, one-on-one

  • Missed lessons must be made up in the same week. lessons will not be accumulated.

Refresher Lessons

Lessons                    $80 weekly
Monday - Thursday

Refresher lessons are 2-3 weeks and perfect for the student who has been out of the water for a while.

  • Swimmers are required to attend lessons  everyday  (Monday - Thursday) until they have successfully completed the clothes check. Friday will be used as a make-up day.  

  • Lessons are 10-15 minutes

  • One-on-one  with instructor

Registration Fee

$30 per student
This is a one time, nonrefundable fee due at time of registration. Swim times will not be held.


Residential Pool

Heated, Saltwater system